4energy Global is a leading provider of low energy cooling products & intelligent energy management solutions for small technical rooms through to large Data Centres across the globe.

4energy Global simple innovative products and solutions are designed for easy installation and low maintenance on existing or new facilities. All of our products are manufactured to following international industry standards.

4energy Global has signed different agreement and partnership to expand their work portfolio i.e. 4NG , latest air conditions technology that work dually grid and solar energy.

4NG Limited are the Next Generation Industrial Internet of Things company and are a leading provider of intelligent energy management and monitoring solutions for small technical rooms through to large Data Centres across the globe.

4energy Global provides art of the state on metal sheets forming technology including Iron , Aluminium and steel and specifically supplying all Types of Cable trays .


To build partnerships with our clients in the Telecom Industry and provide them with timely, cost-effective, and premium quality services at competitive rates. With the synergy of our global organizational network, we aim to provide multiple industries along with their value chains, a set of business services to help them focusing on their core activities with distinctive standards of performance.

Our Vision

4energy Global is striving to be a world-class provider of engineering and business process support services to telecom clients and other corporations.For more than 15 years, 4energy Global with its’ highly experienced management team, has always played a role in the Middle East, North Africa, and South Asia supporting the telecommunications revolution by introducing new generations of technology.

Core values

Skilful People

People are the main asset of 4energy Global they maintain the Quality, continuous improvement and the ethical approach of our services.


Quality is at the forefront of everything we do and it is our key for the continuous improvement, customer satisfaction and market leadership. We are committed to quality as a main attribute of our business, people and long term goals.

Ethics Approach

We are committed to honesty, transparency and general interest of the region we exist in. We combine ethical practices with a successful business strategies to offer ethical business to our clients and region.

Countries Covered


High Level


Innovation led focused product development providing
differentiation in cooling and infrastructure
connectivity hardware and software


Reliable products with a typical ROI of 2-3 years
that deliver increased network and facilities performance
through cost savings & operational reliability


International presence with market specific and growth
driven business model that delivers best customer
experience either by working directly or through
partners. Expertise in pre and post sales, technical
support to customers


All products are performance certified by TUV,
Particle Technology, TRAC, BSRIA etc. Products are
manufactured under ISO 9001, ISO 14001 & ISO 18001