Metal Sheets forming ,Cable tray Supply and Electrostatic Paining

The benefits of 4energy Cable tray in Utilities & Infrastructure Projects

Cable trays are capable of supporting all types of wiring .
Steel cable trays are fabricated from structural quality steels using a continuous roll-formed process.
Forming and extrusions increase the mechanical strength.
The most widely used coating for cable tray is galvanizing.
It is cost-effective, protects against a wide variety of environ mental chemicals, and is self-healing if an area becomes unprotected through cuts or scratches.

The benefits of 4energy Electrostatic painting

➢ Increased transfer efficiency.
➢ Significantly increases quality and production.
➢ Positive environmental impact.
➢ Reduces Overspray, air pollution and VOC emissions.
➢ Decreases paint costs.
➢ More consistent part-to-part quality.
➢ Reduced costs for the disposal of hazardous materials.


Electrostatic paint oven ( 7m * 22.5m * 22.5m)


1-All the parts are performed with precision and quality until it reaches very little material loss due to article size remains constant before and after production, except machining operations (IE cutting corners) when compared with what loses in operations. (Losses reaching 60% in your chip clearance and 10% in formation without Reich).

2. all utensils and plates in various forms and other products produced from strips or thin metal plates can be produced only by formation.

3. high technological competence as time spent in production is very small compared with the time needed to produce the same product in a way that blocks, causing productivity and increase production.

Metal Shaping and cut (stainless-aluminum-SAJ)

Punch press



IS the formation of metal (stainless-aluminum-iron sheets) to complete a strong product industry through several uses (laser-punch-shaping-cutting-welding machines rolling).

Other Industries..

Metal plates Kitchen equipment and hotels-all (SAJ-stainless-aluminum)