4energy Global offers turnkey electromechanical services for business leaders in all business disciplines. Our portfolio covers planning, design, and execution of all electromechanical installations according to customers’ business needs; in addition to renovations and extensions of existing sites,

Total Facility Management (TFM) for efficient operation of corporates, commercial, residential and mixed-use projects, we aim to help our clients achieve their strategic goals by implementing effective and sustainable operational management services into their premises (Service Delivery Management) that totally free them from daily operational issues of running their facilities and allow them to concentrate on the performance and profitability of their core businesses.

Energy saving and Environmental protection are keys to sustainable development, with today's technology, solar energy can be considered as a renewable and a true "green" power source that produces no pollutant / harmful by-products during conversion process of solar power into usable DC power; a major benefit other than being green and free is the almost zero operational and maintenance costs, solar solutions are suitable for worldwide applications with dependable operation even under the harshest environmental conditions.

4energy Global offers Maintenance for telecommunications infrastructure, active equipment, passive equipment, Sites Environment, Batteries & Power Solutions and Generators.

The most common consulting & advisory services provided by 4energy Global member firms include:
- Business advisory
- Consulting
- Human Resources Consulting
- Technology Consulting
- Risk